Thursday, July 5, 2007

Asterisk/Exchange Voicemail

Shaun Ewing kindly sent me the details of how he got Asterisk working with Exchange UM Voicemail. I will test and integrate this into the instructions shortly. Thanks very much Shaun!


Hi Ryan,

Just wanted to send you through an email thanking you for the instructions for getting Asterisk to talk to Exchange 2007. We don’t actually use Asterisk as our phone system, but I wanted to demo the functionality of Exchange UM for our upcoming Cisco Callmanager rollout.

Thought I’d let you know that using Exchange 2007 for Asterisk voicemail is surprisingly simple.

Let’s say you have the following in extensions.conf (for Asterisk VM):

exten => _93XX,1,Dial(SIP/uri17r)

exten => _93XX,2,Voicemail(su${EXTEN})

All you need to do is adjust it to do the following:

exten => _93XX,1,Dial(SIP/uri17r)

exten => _93XX,2,SIPAddHeader(Diversion: <tel:${EXTEN}\ ;reason=no-answer\;screen=no\;privacy=off)

exten => _93XX,3,Dial(SIP/pilot@exchange60)



Doug said...

I could not get logged into the Trixbox with root, password.

I downloaded the VMWare 2.2 download.

I am Linux impaired but I could log into the SIPX machine.


Ryan said...

Hi Doug,

The root password for the trixbox VM changed in version 2.2 to 'trixbox'. I have updated the post.

Doug said...

Thank you.

filip said...

With the above, you no longer have your voicemail accessible from the Asterisk server, correct?

I'm a bit puzzled as to what the advantage would be over just recording the voicemail message and sending it to Exchange over SMTP, then deleting from the Asterisk.

Ryan Newington said...

Hi filip,

that is correct, all voicemails will go to the exchange server.

The advantages are the ability to use outlook voice access, play on phone, and the other features that Exchange 2007 UM provides.


filip said...

Still puzzled... How does the "play on phone" thing work?
With Asterisk it's possible to dial into a voicemail box, how does it happen with Exchange???

matt said...

HUGE advantage! We use CallManager 5.1 and I'm very anxious for this to work with CallManager Express and Asterisk.

I never call my voicemail anymore. I usually just play in Outlook and if the computer can't play it, you have the option to playback on any system phone. If you happen to have to dial in and forget your pin, a replacement pin is sent to your mailbox.

When you call OVA (Outlook Voice Access), you can say voicemail, email, calendar, address book. Deleting a voicemail in OVA clears from Outlook and vice versa. You can have Exchange recite "calendar for today" and it reads your calendar.

For small biz, it's a homerun with a Dell PowerEdge 850 and a CME, UC500, or Asterisk appliance.

Anonymous said...


i have a problem with the integration. i can call the 222 number from a extencion on the asterisk but when i did the set up for the voice mail and i call a extencion register on the exchange and i let it ring until i should receive the ivr from the exchange i dont heard anything.
but when i do it from a extencion registered on the sipx server everything works just fine.
i think the trunks are ok since i can establish calls from the asterisk to the exchange.

if some one can help me i will apreciate it since i dont have a clue on what could be happening.


Ryan Newington said...


You need to start with a packet capture to see what is going on. See my troubleshooting post, and have a read of the post explaining how to read SIP traffic to get a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes.