Sunday, July 8, 2007

Trixbox/Exchange Voicemail setup

No sooner had I posted Shaun's Asterisk/Exchange setup instructions, James Brooks emailed me with instructions specifically for Trixbox. I have included his email below. Thanks very much for taking the time to work this out and send it in James.



First of all can I just thank you for adding to the efforts of Alginald in interfacing Asterisk to Exchange 2007 UM; your instructions are concise and accurate, and I for one could not have got this far without them.

Secondly my best wishes for a speedy recovery of your Dad.

Following on from Shaun's Asterisk instructions, in order to get Trixbox diverting voicemail calls to Exchange 2007 you need to do the following:

1. Make sure that Trixbox Voicemail module is installed

2. Enable Voicemail for each extension you want to have voicemail in FreePBX within Trixbox, assign a PIN/password although it won't be used

3. Modify your extensions.conf file within /etc/asterisk (I used the Trixbox - Admin > Asterisk > Config Edit option) as follows:

a. Locate the [macro-exten-vm] section

b. Comment out the line:

exten => s,n,Macro(vm,${VMBOX},${DIALSTATUS})

so that it reads:

;exten => s,n,Macro(vm,${VMBOX},${DIALSTATUS})

c. Beneath the newly commented-out line, add the following two lines, replacing 222 and sipx.lithnet.local with the Exchange Subscriber Access number and your sipX FQDN respectively:

exten => s,n,SIPAddHeader(Diversion: <tel:${EXTTOCALL}>\;reason=no-answer\;screen=no\;privacy=off)

exten => s,n,Dial(

4. Save/update the modified extensions.conf file and restart the Asterisk services or reload config.

Hope the above is of help...

Warm regards,



Doug said...

First a thank you to everyone related to getting me this far in the E2007/Trixbox connections.

I put the Voice Mail code into Trixbox and made all of the settings, I think. I am Linux impaired.

When calls from other extensions on Trixbox get a No Answer condition, they go to the Exchange UM voicemail correctly.

When calls from an external IP system calls the same user, the phone rings but it hangs up after the 15 second ring time. It does not divert to the Exchange system.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Doug said...

Has anyone connect the Trixbox to OCS 2007? I would like it to ring my OCS Communicator as well as IP phones, and my cell phone.

All help is also appreciated.


Ryan said...

Hi Doug,

Can you do a packet trace using Wireshark and let me know the results? email me-ryan at lithiumblue dot com.

I'll send James an email and see if he has this working.


James Brookes said...


I have managed to replicate this issue on our test system. It is due to the sip.conf configuration - probably the best starter guide is your own Ryan at

The key is the canreinvite. Otherwise calls from external IP-based providers won't divert correctly. Apologies this has taken so long to post - have been working on adjusting latest Tribox/FreePBX VMX/Voicemail settings so that divert works correctly with latest functionality.


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